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Our mission is to help our clients improve their health so they can enjoy their lives to the fullest.  We teach our clients how to improve their overall health and fitness. We use a mix of several techniques based on fitness level, age, interests, and experience. A one-size-fits-all approach never works that why we meet our client where they are and provide them with the confidence to make lasting changes to feel better, look better, and perform better.  

Fitness Team



Antonio Nelson

Weight Training 101

Cardio Training 101

Eating Right

Yoga for Stretching

Antonio is an awesome trainer for both young and old. His focus tends to be with people new to fitness. He is an amazing teacher, and he has the ability to make training feel less intimidating.


John Jackobs

Weight Lifting

Strength Training


Power Yoga

John has competed professional in body building. Unlike most, his focus is on muscle and flexibility. He can help you build strength without compromising mobility. Bulking up tends to reduce mobility, which become problematic as you age


Michelle Sharon




Mobility Challenged

Michelle was a collegiate althete, who has always had a passion for fitness. So much so, she made a career out of it. Michelle is partner with our studio. She runs her own training business through our site. She focuses on cardio training and endurance.


Claudia Adelle



Water Fitness

Tone & Strengthen

Claudia has over 15 years of fitness experience. She is one of our most senior trainers. She's an amazing trainer for both younger and old clients. Her main focus is mobility, flexibility, and resistance training



Our philosophy and methodology is designed to help all of our clients set realistic personal goals and help them achieve them. No matter what your goal. Be it cardio training, building lean muscle, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), improving flexibility and mobility, losing weight, improving your life or a mix, we are here to help.


Our philosophy is making fitness fun and create a community where you want to be. Health means something different to everyone, our goal is to help you define it for yourself.


There are not lasting quick fixes. We all need to create habits in our daily practices that us find the right balance that can be maintained.

Fitness Class
Personal & Small Group Training
Mobility & Flexibility Classes
Strength Training Classes
Cardio Conditioning Classes


Getting Here:

We are super convenient to Rutgers and the other corporate offices in central New Brunswick

Our Address:

33 Bishop St.

New Brunswick NJ 08901


908 - 905 - 2394

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